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Should You Insure Your Moped?

No matter the season, there is something nice about getting some fresh air during your commute. Riding a moped is one great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather, but you certainly want to do so safely. While you may protect yourself physically by wearing a helmet on your moped, are you protecting yourself financially?

Grove Financial & Associates Inc understands the needs of moped owners in Mechanicsburg, PA. Insurance for your moped may be the key to protecting yourself. If you are unsure if moped insurance is important, here are a few reasons to consider insuring yours.

Pennsylvania Requires Insurance for Mopeds

In Pennsylvania, mopeds are required not only to be registered and plated but also to have insurance. Although mopeds have smaller engines than motorcycles and scooters, they are still classified as vehicles requiring insurance. If you want to keep legal matters simple, buying moped insurance is wise.

Lenders Require Insurance for Mopeds

If you took a loan out to buy your moped, your lender will likely require the vehicle to be insured. In fact, some lenders require that you take on full coverage in case there is an accident.

Theft & Damage Can Change Your Plans

Unfortunately, mopeds are more easily stolen than some other types of vehicles. This means it may be beneficial to have insurance that covers not only damage to your moped but also theft and replacement.

Get Moped Insurance Today

Are you unsure which moped insurance is right for you? Get in touch with Grove Financial & Associates Inc, which serves Mechanicsburg, PA, for additional information about insurance coverage for your moped or another vehicle.

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