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Boat Insurance and What It Covers

Your watercraft investments require protection. What are watercraft investments? Your catamaran, speedboat, sailboat, jet ski, Sea doo, and your yacht all qualify as watercraft investments. At Grove Financial & Associates, Inc., we help you protect your watercraft and your finances. We serve the metropolitan area of Mechanicsburg, PA, providing financial products like insurance to protect your personal property and your financial future. 

Boat insurance protects you in multiple ways. First, it protects your purchase by paying for repairs and parts if your watercraft sustains damage in an accident. If you total the boat, the insurance policy pays for a replacement.

The policy functions a lot like the insurance you carry on your car. It covers bodily injury and liability; a full coverage policy also includes collision and comprehensive coverage. The latter two mean that your boat repairs get covered even if you have a waterway fender bender with a boat dock or pilings at the marina.

If you cause an accident, boat insurance pays for the damage to the other person’s boat and personal property, plus the liability portion covers their medical care or funeral costs.

The coverage you buy to protect your boat also protects you when you travel beyond Mechanicsburg, PA and rent a boat or a jet ski or a Sea doo. It is coverage that you take with you.

Once you register your boat, you can purchase boat insurance. Your financial lender might require you to purchase it if you obtained a loan to buy your boat or other watercraft.

Grove Financial & Associates, Inc. can help you determine the right boat policy for you. Contact us today to discuss insuring your watercraft investment. Let us help protect your financial future.

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