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When Should I Update my Auto Insurance?

If you have auto insurance in Mechanicsburg, PA, you have to make sure it’s sufficient enough to cover you in times of trouble. Regrettably, many motorists constantly renew their auto insurance policies without a second look. Only when accidents happen that they realize they have been paying for the wrong auto insurance policy.

Your auto insurance isn’t a “set and forget” thing like most things in life. Every year, you should update it to ensure your current insurance needs are covered. Here are life changes that should prompt you to talk to Grove Financial & Associates Inc. to update your car insurance policy.

Buying a new car

One sure way that you will have to review your car insurance is when buying a new car. Whether it’s a brand new car or a pre-owned model, it will impact your current insurance policy. So, whenever you buy a new car, talk to your insurer to update your current policy with the details of your new vehicle.

Adding a new driver

Parents, you need to hear this. If your teenage son or daughter is a new license owner in the house and needs to drive your vehicle, you should inform your insurer. Yes, this will impact your premiums, but it will save you significant financial losses when the new driver in town is involved in an accident.

Change of name

There are several reasons to change your name. It could be for marriage reasons, divorce, or you want a new identity. You need to update your insurer with the new development, whatever the reason.

Updating your car insurance ensures your claim process is smooth. Your insurer can’t nullify your claim because of conflicting information. Need to update your car insurance policy in Mechanicsburg, PA? Please talk to Grove Financial & Associates Inc. today.

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