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Protecting Cars and History Too

Not all cars are created equal, and those a cut above inevitably earn the title of Classic Car. For those who own these unique and highly-valued automobiles, there also comes an extra expense, and that is where the benefits of having Classic Car Insurance can help. And for car enthusiasts in and around the Mechanicsburg, PA area, that means finding an insurance partner like Grove Financial & Associates Inc.

More than a Car

It doesn’t matter if you rebuild it piece by piece, from the ground up, as your dream restoration project or if you bought it fully restored to its original showroom condition. For many, these are more than cars. For some people, classic cars are a channel to bygone but never-forgotten times, while others appreciate the craftsmanship, style, and beauty that makes these manufactured masterpieces Classic Cars.

Yet, with all the different types of Classic Cars and reasons to love them, there are a few things these cherished rides and their owners have in common, like the desire to protect them. From the often expensive parts that are no longer being manufactured to insuring their value, there is more than a love of Classic Cars that bonds their owners.

Protecting Cars and History Too

For classic car owners throughout Mechanicsburg, PA, Grove Financial & Associates Inc. is there to help protect the classic cars we love and their history. If you are looking for classic car insurance for your classic car, then our team looks forward to helping you with all your classic car insurance needs. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment today.

When should I buy classic car insurance – when I’m restoring the car or after it is drivable?

If you are a classic car enthusiast living in Mechanicsburg, PA, you know that having the right insurance is essential. But when should you buy it? Our team of insurance experts at Grove Financial & Associates Inc. looks at both options. 

Insuring Your Classic Car While It Is Being Restored 

If your classic car is currently being restored, one option is to purchase an agreed-value policy. With this type of policy, you and the insurance company will agree on the value of the car before any restoration work begins and then insure it for that amount. This protects you in case something happens during the restoration process, and you have to pay more to repair it than was originally planned. 

Insuring Your Classic Car After It Is Drivable 

Once your classic car is registered as a collector vehicle and ready for use on the roads, there are several different types of classic car insurance policies to choose from. The most popular option among collectors tends to be an agreed value policy (also known as Stated Value or Valued Policy). Under this type of policy, both you and the insurer agree upon a specific value for the vehicle prior to insuring it – usually based on current market values – and then insuring it for that amount.

This protects against depreciation over time and prevents any surprises down the road if something happens, and you need to file a claim with the insurer. 

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Ultimately, however, having adequate protection from theft or damage is essential in Mechanicsburg, PA Still have questions? Contact Grove Financial & Associates Inc today. We are here to clear up any confusion.

The Benefits Of Classic Car Insurance

Most people in the Mechanicsburg, PA area who own a car consider it to be nothing more than a mode of transportation that they use to get from point A to point B. However, many other people have a passion for historical vehicles and are the proud owners of at least one classic car.

When you purchase a classic car, you do not only get a vehicle to be driven, but you also get an investment that will increase in value over time. For this reason, obtaining classic car insurance from Grove Financial & Associates Inc is an option that should be considered.

Preserve The Value of Your Classic Car

The number one advantage to classic car insurance is that it provides you with the means to preserve the value of your vintage automobile. The way this happens is that when you purchase your classic car insurance policy, you get the advantage of agreed value coverage. This means that if the car is determined to be a total loss, you will be paid the full amount of the appraised value of the car at the time you purchased your insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

Classic car insurance also provides you with liability coverage. Like standard car insurance, you will have coverage while you are driving the car. In addition, classic car insurance also features additional liability coverage to protect you when your car is on display or featured in special events.

There are several benefits to obtaining classic car insurance for your vintage vehicle in the Mechanicsburg, PA area. Because the details of this type of insurance can be complicated, you must have an experienced and trustworthy agent on your side. The agents at Grove Financial & Associates Inc are here to help you get the right classic car insurance policy that meets your specific needs. Give us a call today.

Who needs to get classic car insurance in Mechanicsburg?

Those that live in the Mechanicsburg, PA area may dream of one day owning a classic car. If you ever invest and purchase your own classic car, it will likely be an asset that you will want to protect and keep in good condition. One way that you can help to protect your classic car is by getting an insurance plan for it. There are several situations when someone here will need to have this coverage.

When Looking to Drive on Public Road

While some people may keep their classic car in a garage at all times, others may want to show it off from time to time. If you ever intend to drive your car on a public road, you will need to comply with the state’s liability insurance requirements. An advantage of this type of insurance is that it reflects your actual liability risk, which is lower for classic car owners as they drive less.

When Trying to Protect Investment

You will also want to get a classic car insurance plan to protect your investment in the vehicle. Buying and caring for a classic car will always take some form of investment. If you get a full classic car insurance plan, it can help protect your vehicle’s value.

If you get a classic car in the Mechanicsburg, PA area, you will likely need to have a full insurance plan. If you are looking for classic car insurance, it would be a smart idea to call Grove Financial & Associates Inc. The team with Grove Financial & Associates Inc. can help you determine your needs and options to build a plan. Contact our office to get a quote. 

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