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Why Is It Important To Have Renters Insurance?

Just because you are renting an apartment or house does not mean that you should not have the proper insurance to protect yourself and your belongings. It is important to have proper renters insurance that will cover common liabilities and provide financial peace of mind. However, as statistics show, only 37% of renters carry renters’ insurance. If you are still thinking about whether you need this type of insurance or not, Grove Financial & Associates Inc., serving clients from Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, PA, prepared a list of reasons why renters insurance is must-have: 

  • It protects your personal belongings. One of the main purposes of renters’ insurance is to protect renters’ personal stuff if it is damaged, stolen, or destroyed. Most standard renters insurance policies also cover personal belongings from water damage, power surges, and other calamities that could not be prevented. 
  • It provides coverage for your visitors’ injuries. If your visitor or guest slips and falls, or if your dog bites them, you will be responsible for covering medical bills. However, if you have renters insurance, it will cover all the medical expenses, and you have nothing to worry about. 
  • Renters insurance is affordable. Compared to home insurance, renters’ policies are relatively cheap and affordable. The average cost of it in the United States is $187 a year, only $15.60 a month. 
  • Your landlord may require you to carry the proper insurance. If the landlord makes renters insurance mandatory, you will not rent a property without it. 

 Renters insurance is something that every renter should have. If you are currently looking for this type of insurance to protect yourself and your personal stuff, do not hesitate to contact Grove Financial & Associates Inc., serving clients in Mechanicsburg, PA, and other surrounding towns. Our experienced insurance agents will answer all your questions and help you find a perfect policy. 

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